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Experts say that advertising is when you say that YOU are the best, and publicity is when you make others say that about you. Entrio did exactly that for me. I just don’t know if they did it with their talent, perseverance, professionalism or simply because we love the same things in music.

Dražen Goreta // Koncertna dvorana Tvornica Kulture

You will hardly find a kinder, more flexible and diligent team than the Entrio peeps: you complicate things, they tailor the solution just for you. You panic, they solve the problem in no time. And one more thing: the guys sing karaoke wickedly well! Animafest Zagreb <3 Entrio

Matea Milić // Animafest

Entrio offered us what we lacked on the web & event scopes of Croatia - simple and functional online ticket sales, which is user friendly for the event organizers themselves. Support!

Admir Mehmedović // RNB Confusion team

We use Entrio very successfully in accordance with the organization of the droidcon Zagreb conference, and although we had a lot of requests, the team from Entrio fulfilled them all well before the deadline. Promo codes, different categories, payment via PayPal, API and other tasks Entrio system fulfills excellently. Not only is the system extremely good but the Entrio team itself is great. And I'm not saying that just because Bero pays me with beer and pork crackling biscuits to say that :)

Miroslav Šimudvarac - Miki // generalni imperator droidcona Zagreb