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Great move!
In four short steps you will set up your free web shop and finally enable your attendees to buy tickets from couch.
You are just curious about the system?
No problem, just create test event and try the whole system - for free ;)

Pick short and concise title that is "catchy" for visitors.
You will be able to enter other details on the next step.

If event will last longer than few hours, click "Add end time".
You can also sell all-year services through Entrio - eg. E-learning lectures with open applications.

Enter only location name (eg. club or institution name).
You will enter exact address and city later.

If you want to suggest a new category suitable for your event - please contact us.

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How will visitors pay the tickets

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This is the most important step - create all your event tickets, categorize them by price, purchase time or additional services - sky is the limit ;)
Click the gear icon for additional options.

Category title should be as short as possible and buyer should immediately know which one he needs.
Eg. "VIP", "Exclusive", "Presale" are good choices.
If you have only one category, name it simply "Ticket"

Category description can be useful if category name is not clear enough. Eg. "Welcome drink included." or "Only for students with valid document."

Ticket category will be on sale only after this time.

Don't worry, you'll be able to change it later ;)

Ticket category will be on sale only until this time.

Don't worry, you'll be able to change it later ;)

Information about the organizer

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