Terms of sale


By using the system, you agree to all rights, obligations and responsibilities set out in this document, which is also considered an agreement between the User and Entrio.

1 Service description

Entrio tehnologije d.o.o. (hereinafter "Entrio") enables and conducts the sale of products / services as an intermediary in the name and on behalf of the Organizer through the www.entrio.hr website and linked websites (hereinafter "Entrio System", "Websites" ).

Entrio is designed for Organizers of events such as concerts, conferences, festivals, plays, competitions and similar events, to connect with people - Customers - who will purchase the right to access / participate in such an event through the Entrio System. On the other hand, the Entrio system is also intended for customers who want to obtain the right to access a certain event of their choice and need a letter of credit (ticket) to identify themselves to the Organizer on the day of the event. The Entrio system is therefore also intended for Customers by providing the service of generating and issuing letters of credit (tickets) for access to the selected event of the Organizer.

Organizer is any Entrio visitor who has successfully entered their product / service / event into the Entrio system in order to promote and / or sell the specified product / service / event.
Customer is any Entrio visitor who comes to the Site with the intention of being informed and / or purchase a product / service offered on Entrio.
User is any visitor to the Entrio system, including the Organizer and the Customer.

This document is an electronic agreement between Entrio and the User, and by accepting it, both parties accept all rights, obligations and responsibilities set out in it.


To purchase tickets, you need to register on the Entrio system so that you can access them at any time.

2 User profile registration

To purchase any product or service offered on the Entrio system, the User is required to first open a user profile (registration). Opening a user profile is necessary for the User to have easy and simple access to print orders, view previous purchases and easily edit their settings.

By registering or opening a user profile, purchasing or downloading tickets on the Entrio system, it is considered that the User has read, understood and accepted these Terms of Sale and the General Terms of Use in full.


Terms of use are subject to change, so we advise you to keep an eye on them from time to time.

3 Changes in conditions

Entrio reserves the right to revoke or amend the Terms of Sale herein at any time, without prior notice, if it deems it necessary. Therefore, we advise Users to re-read the information contained in the Terms of Sale from time to time to stay informed of such changes. Please note that if there are changes in the Terms of Sale and the User continues to use the Entrio system, it is understood that the new Terms have been read, understood and accepted in full.


Entrio is an intermediary in the sale of tickets and other products / services for the Organizers and promoters of events.

4 Purchase of the Organizer's service and issuance of tickets / letters of credit

Entrio is not the owner of the products / services it offers through its sites, and therefore cannot be held responsible for potential deficiencies or any other problems that may arise when using the services it offers.

Entrio is an intermediary in the sale of tickets and other products / services for the Organizers and promoters of the event. A ticket purchased on the Entrio system is issued in the name of the Customer or the name specified by the Customer, and is the property of the Organizer and is proof of purchase of a particular product or service.

Entrio is neither the owner nor the owner of the product nor the provider of the services themselves or the organizer of the events offered promotionally through the Entrio Pages / System. The Entrio system exclusively represents an electronic platform for enabling the purchase of products / services / events of the Organizers that are promotionally offered through the Entrio Pages / System, and at the same time, Entrio, through the Entrio System, provides customers with the service of issuing tickets, ie letters of credit, which are generally used to legitimize the authority to attend the service / product / event of the Organizer on the day of the event.

The conditions stated in the description of events offered by the Organizer through the Entrio System represent an offer for concluding a contract which the Customer accepts by purchasing the service using the Entrio System, for which Entrio's offer is not responsible and all its conditions are determined exclusively by the Organizer. Therefore, by accepting the Organizer's offer specified in the Entrio System, the Customer enters into a legal sale and purchase agreement with the Organizer and the Customer is a party to that legal relationship.

At the same time, the Customer enters into a legal transaction with Entrio as a provider of the Entrio System for the purpose of generating and issuing tickets, ie letters of credit for attending the event, all in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. Prices of services are expressed in HRK.

Entrio charges a fee for the service of generating and issuing a ticket / letter of credit. This fee is a non-refundable amount of one-time reimbursement of the costs incurred by Entrio for issuing the ticket / letter of credit, including the service of electronic processing, generation, issuance and sale of the ticket / letter of credit. Entrio will issue an invoice to the Customer for the received funds, which will be delivered to the e-mail address specified by the Customer when opening a user account on Entrio.


You can pay with any card.

5 Payment

Entrio allows the User to make purchases with bank cards. The payment processing service is provided by WSPay system, authorized by Entrio.

Depending on the settings of the event in question, payment for products / services on the Entrio system is possible with the following cards:

  • American Express®
  • MasterCard®
  • Maestro®
  • Visa (and Visa Electron)
  • Diners

In addition to bank cards, depending on the settings of the event in question, tickets can also be purchased by bank transfer directly to the Entria account, according to the instructions provided on the payment page.

The bank transfer is automatically disabled 96 hours before the event starts, so that Entrio can register your payment on time and send you tickets.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, all bookings and tickets for which we have not received payment within 72 business hours from the time of booking - will be irrevocably canceled.


Tickets are sent to the e-mail address used during registreation.

6 Ticket delivery

Upon successful purchase, tickets will be made available to the User in digital form in his user profile on the Entrio system and sent to his e-mail address. Depending on the options offered by the Organizer and the options selected by the Customer, Tickets may be delivered in other ways such as delivery by mail.


Always keep your ticket safe and have it ready at the entrance.
Entrio tries to simplify the process of checking tickets at the entrance as much as possible, but this is decided by the organizers themselves, and Entrio cannot always influence this.

7 Use of tickets

The buyer is obliged to keep the purchased Entrio tickets, their serial numbers and barcodes and may not give them to third parties. Neither Entrio nor the Organizer is responsible for stolen, lost, destroyed or copied Entrio tickets. The Buyer is aware that if someone steals his entire Entrio ticket or its serial number or barcode, the Organizer in certain cases may not know that the Ticket has been stolen and will be considered that the first person to enter the event with that Ticket, its serial number or barcode - has a valid Ticket.

Upon entering the event, the Organizer may check the validity of the Customer's tickets in one of the following ways:

  • Checking the Customer's ID
  • Visually check the printed Entrio ticket
  • By checking the Entrio ticket on the Customer's mobile phone
  • By checking the ticket code (barcode, QR code, etc.) via a special reader

Since the Entrio ticket serves as a confirmation of purchase, in some cases the Customer will have to exchange the Entrio ticket for an actual ticket before entering the event. Although Entrio makes every effort to facilitate and simplify the event entry process for both the Customer and the Organizer, entry control is the sole responsibility of the Organizer and Entrio is not responsible for the process.

Reproduction, sale or trading of Tickets is strictly prohibited unless expressly stated otherwise.

Any attempt to use a Ticket that does not comply with these terms and conditions will result in the termination of that Ticket.


Refunds are only possible in case of cancellation of the event, change of its date or in case of significant change in the program or key performers.
Refunds are not possible for personal reasons.

8 Refund and complaints

Entrio does not organize events and cannot influence their organization.
For this reason, Entrio is not responsible for the refund - it is the responsibility of the Organizer. Nevertheless, Entrio will do everything possible to ensure a refund in agreement with the Organizer to the Customer in case of postponement, cancellation of events or significant changes in the program or key performers.
Entrio is not obliged to notify Customers of any changes such as postponement or cancellation of the event.

A refund of the amount paid for the right to enter the event (ticket) is possible only in case of cancellation of the event, change of its date or in case of significant changes in the program or key performers. Refund of the amount paid for the right to enter the event (ticket) is not possible in case of personal reasons , such as illness, business obligations, change of opinion, etc.

In accordance with Art. 79, paragraph 1, vol. 12. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer is not entitled to unilateral termination of the Distance Contract (refund) since the subject of the contract is the provision of leisure services, which occur at a specific time or period.

In the event of a refund, ancillary costs such as shipping costs, transaction costs or the Customer's external costs related to travel, accommodation, etc. will not be refunded to the Customer and the Customer agrees not to claim them from Entrio.

Entrio's ticket / letter of credit fee is non-refundable, even in case of event cancellation, as Entrio's ticket generation and issuance service is fully provided even in case of event cancellation, for which Entrio cannot in any case be responsible.
By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer confirms that he has understood this provision and that he will not be able to get a refund of the fee for generating and issuing a ticket in case of cancellation or termination of his contract with the Organizer for any other legitimate reason.

When a refund is agreed for a canceled event, Entrio will, depending on the method of purchase / payment, return the ticket price minus the associated costs (shipping costs, transactions, services, etc.) to the Customer on the credit card or a bank account or refund will not be possible to request at the point of sale, but only through the Internet form available at www.entrio.hr/en/refund page.

If the event does not take place or if the Customer did not receive a paid product / service, the Customer is obliged to inform Entrio within seven (7) days from the scheduled start of the event or delivery of the product / service. If the Customer does not inform Entrio about the situation within the specified period, it will be considered that he is satisfied with the paid product / service, ie that the event has taken place and loses the right to a refund.

Pursuant to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, the user may send his written complaint to the e-mail address: [email protected] or by mail to the following address: Entrio tehnologije d.o.o., Radnička 54, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska. In the complaint, please provide your name, surname and e-mail or postal address for delivery of responses. We will submit a response to the complaint in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

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