Terms of use


Entrio terms of use apply to anyone who use system Entrio and they are considered an electronic contract between the User and Entrio.

Terms of use (hereinafter “TU”) apply to all users of the Web site - www.entrio.hr (hereinafter "Entrio system", "System", "Website") owned by Entrio tehnologije d.o.o. (hereinafter "Entrio").

Organizer is any Website visitor who successfully created an Entrio event with the intention of promoting and/or selling tickets for that event with a note that in case of commercial tickets, Organizer has to be legal entity.
Buyer is any Website visitor who visits Website with the intention of informing and/or buying tickets offered through Entrio system.
User is any Website visitor, including Organizer and Buyer..

This document forms an electronic contract between Entrio and User, and by accepting it both sides accept all rights, obligations and responsibilities specified in it.

By creating a user account / registering, buying or redeeming tickets on Entrio system, it is considered that the User has completely read, understood and accepted this Entrio Terms of Sales and Terms of Use.


Entrio is selling tickets in the name and on behalf of Organizers, while offering to its users a quick and easy way to search and purchase tickets for the events.

1 Description of the service

Entrio tehnologije d.o.o. (hereinafter "Entrio") enables and conducts sales of products/services as a mediator in the name and on behalf of the Organizer, through website www.entrio.hr and connected websites (hereinafter "Entrio system", "System", "Website"). Entrio system is intended for organizers of events like gatherings, celebrations, conferences, seminars, concerts and similar events, for whom Entrio enables event registration, selling tickets and/or additional products and services, as well as numerous analytical and other tools for increasing productivity of their events.
On the other hand Entrio allows all users to easily search through currently available events and to purchase tickets for them.


In order to purchase tickets you have to register in the system and that way you can access your tickets at any time.

2 User account registration

In order to buy any product/ticket offered through Entrio system, User is required to create an Entrio user account (registration). Registration is necessary for User to have easy and simple access to their orders and bought products/tickets and to be able to edit their settings.

When registering on the system Entrio, User is obliged to enter personal information. User obliges to enter accurate and valid information and to keep them up to date. In case of suspicion that some of the Customer's data are inaccurate, Entrio reserves the right to suspend the user's account and further use of the System.


Terms of use can be changed so we advise you to check them every once in a while.

3 Changes of Terms

Entrio keeps the right to change or cancel this Terms of Sales at any given moment without prior notification. Keeping that in mind, we strongly advise Users to occasionally revisit these pages and inform themselves about possible changes. If these Terms of Sales change in the meantime and User keeps using the Website, it is considered that the User has completely read, understood and accepted the new Terms.


Use the system and all it's features but remember to always play by the rules and keep in mind the Terms of use.

4 Using the system Entrio

Hereby Entrio gives to User the right to purchase tickets and to organize and promote events that
(1) are in accordance with TU and
(2) are not inconsistent with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.
In addition, the User agrees not to try to get System source code in any way or to interfere or try to interfere functioning of the system Entrio. Also, User agrees that he will not try to resell or lease any part of the system (except for the use of selling tickets) .


Pay attention to copyrights and remember that you are responsible for everything you enter and publish through the system. Entrio is not responsible for contents that user enter themselves in the system.

5 System content and User behavior

All materials contained on the system Entrio are the exclusive right of the company or they are used with the explicit permission of copyright holder. Any copying, distribution, transmission, publication, linking, deep linking, or any other kind of modifying the Site without the express written consent of the Company is strictly forbidden. Any violation of these conditions, which may result in violation of copyrights, trademark rights or any other right of intellectual property may give rise to civil or commercial proceedings and / or to criminal prosecution against the perpetrator.

When using the System User will be able to enter data and upload pictures that will later be displayed through the System. All data entered by the User must comply with the TU. Entrio can't review all data entered in the System and can't guarantee that all those informations are accurate and in accordance with the TU, therefore Entrio can not be held responsible for the accuracy of such information. In addition, Entrio can not guarantee that any of such content is not infringing copyright or not illegal in any other way. Each User who notices such content on the Site is obliged to report it to the [email protected] and Entrio agrees to remove such content as soon as possible.

User agrees not to enter data that:

  • Could hurt or offend another person,
  • Is incorrect or promote illegal activities,
  • Are illegal copies of someone's copyright work,
  • Includes pornographic material,
  • Promotes illegal activities,
  • Promotes commercial activities not permitted by TU,
  • violate Entrio TU or any law of the Republic of Croatia.

By publishing on or through the site User gives to Entrio free, legally valid, non-refundable and non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, adapt, translate, distribute, implement and display such communication alone or as part of a some larger campaign, at any form, on any media or via any technology known at the moment or later developed, and the sharing of such rights with multiple dealers of that license.


If two users have problems with each other, Entrio isn't legally responsible.

6 Indemnification

User agrees to indemnify, and will not held responsible company EntrioTehnologije d.o.o., its affiliates and their respective responsible persons, employees and agents, from all claims for damages and costs, including legal costs, which may arise from the use of the Website by the User.


Entrio reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the User if the User does not act in accordance with Entrio rules and TU.

7 Termination of the business relationship

Entrio may terminate the business relationship with any of its customers at any time. Entrio reserves the right to permanently terminate any passwords or User accounts in cases where Entrio at its sole discretion consider Users behaviour to be unacceptable or in case when it violates the Entrio TU.


All possible legal disputes will be settled at the Zagreb court of Law.

8 Other

The titles of the chapters used in these Terms and Conditions are only for practical purposes and in no manner affect the interpretation of the text contained therein. If the competent court establishes that any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the invalidity of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions and their other parts shall remain in force. If any of the parties fails to use their rights from these Terms and Conditions, it shall not be considered that they have waived or lost those rights, nor any other terms and conditions stated herein.

The Entrio tehnologije d.o.o. company is seated in Zagreb in the Republic of Croatia. Any legal disputes that might arise as a consequence of use of these web pages (unless a special contract states otherwise) shall be settled by a Croatian court with competence and local jurisdiction at the moment of institution of the claim towards Entrio, and they shall be settled in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia. By using these web pages, the End User agrees for any dispute or claim, arisen from or in relation to these Terms and Conditions, or in relation to their implementation, to be settled by a Croatian court with competence and local jurisdiction at the moment of institution of the claim towards Entrio.