Zag/rave - Etapp Kyle, Marta, Miro Von Berlin

Zag/rave - Etapp Kyle, Marta, Miro Von Berlin

location-iconPeti kupe, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za Zag/rave - Etapp Kyle, Marta, Miro Von Berlin, 18.03.2023. - 19.03.2023. u Peti kupe, Zagreb

We are thrilled to welcome Etapp Kyle and Marta to our next Zag/rave, joined by our resident Miro Von Berlin .

Since Klockworks released an Etapp Kyle EP in 2013, the Ukranian producer has steadily risen through Ostgut Ton’s ranks only to become Berghain resident in 2015.

Over the past few years, Etapp Kyle’s cavernous and often hallucinatory techno has dovetailed into an obsession with spatial qualities of sound. It’s an audiophile’s approach that has resounded from the sound systems of the world’s most respected techno institutions and festivals.

On his Ostgut Ton solo debut EP “Alpha”, Etapp offered up pristine and explorative sci-fi landscapes while deftly avoiding intergalactic techno clichés. It’s a sound that draws as much on musical elements as it does on architecture and space. Which is to say that both in his productions and DJ sets, he manages to convey not only the aesthetics but also the physical experience of the club.

Etapp’s Awakenings mix:

Marta, hailing from Slovenia, started to explore electronic music at the end of 90s, by attending every party nearby - listening, observing, learning and dancing. Marta’s love of different genres spilled over into her DJ style, characterized by a craftful mix of techno, acid, electro, breakbeats, and many more, and thus delivering always an unforgettable journey. Her impeccable selection and focus on crowd feedback gets everyone the dance floor moving in all directions. Marta played some of the biggest and most prominent festivals across the region, such as Dimensions Festival, Flow Festival, Lighthouse Festival, Spring Festival, as well as well-known clubs around Europe. In 2017, she had the honour to open the legendary Dance Arena at EXIT festival.

Marta’s Celui mix:

Miro Von Berlin, resident and co-creator of Zag/rave, has been honing skills in Berlin clubs about blank, RSO, Kitkat, Anomalie, Aeden, playing recently some of the hottest Berlin parties such as Gegen, weeeirdos, We are not alone. Miro’s own dance floor experience serves as an ongoing impetus for creating a sonic journey intertwining groovy, trippy and ravy vibes, whilst fusing the spirit of 90’s with contemporary production. Be ready to embark on electronic mutations from beyond.

Miro’s last Hör:

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