The Tulum

The Tulum

location-iconPeti kupe, Zagreb

The Tulum

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za The Tulum, 22.09.2023. - 23.09.2023. u Peti kupe, Zagreb

20/07'23 Blind Tickets - SOLD OUT

10/08/'23 Regular Tickets  - Line up and Secret Location revealed

22/09/'23 Tickets will be provided at the entrance based on their availability

For over a decade, The Tulum has remained shrouded in secrecy, unveiling hidden locations across Zagreb. From the awe-inspiring party on Sljeme Hill amidst a captivating snowstorm to immortalizing the iconic Lotrščak tower, our journey has crafted unforgettable memories and united us in rhythmic harmony.

Now, The Tulum returns to the heart of Zagreb marking again a momentous reunion. Here our spirits entwine within our cherished tribe. Old faces as well as new, converge to create fresh memories and dance together as one. Only your presence ignites the love, passion, and enthusiasm that pulsates through The Tulum, making this reunion another extraordinary celebration.

You are the energy, the atmosphere, the love.

Thank You for all the love and support.


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