location-iconPeti kupe, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za SISA w/SAFAR, 27.10.2023. - 28.10.2023. u Peti kupe, Zagreb

Born in Africa, raised in Europe, SAFAR is the epitome of how culture can influence an artist's style. Playing mesmerizing sets in clubs and festivals over most parts of the world, SAFAR is recognized as one of the greatest producers and DJ’s in the Afro House and Organic House genre. SAFAR is a wizard in the studio and has created banging tracks in not just Afro house and organic house, but recently also in melodic techno. SAFAR’s latest releases The Lost Tribe (Sol Selectas) and Scandalosa (Moblack Records) has made his music the savior of any set played during the summer.

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