Burak Yeter

Burak Yeter

Diamond club, Malinska

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za Burak Yeter, 06.08.2022. - 07.08.2022. u Diamond club, Malinska

Burak Yeter developed an interest in music at a young age and learned to play classical piano at the age of 5, and guitar at the age of 8. Yeter signed a contract with Pioneer in 2008, and opened DJ schools in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Los Angeles, giving professional education to students. Now, in addition to being a DJ, Yeter is the CEO of Connection Records DJ Academy, which has developed and taught over 4000 certified students to this day.

In 2015,Yeter started a new page in his career with his "New World" project. He released his first single "Happy" on Spinnin' Records, where he caught the attention of fans worldwide. His follow-up single "Tuesday" was a bigger success, reaching the #1 in more than 80 countries and the song went on to become the 10th most Shazamed song globally in 2017 (the song is nearing a billion streams on Spotify alone).

After topping international charts with his mega-hit "Tuesday," his single "My Life Is Going On" with featuring Cecilia Krull from the famous Netflix serie La Casa de Papel became his second worldwide success, hitting #1 spot in multiple countries such as Italy, and then Yeter followed up "My Life Is Going On" with releases such as "Move Like This" (Armada Music) and "GO 2.0" , "Echo" and "Winners" (Spinnin' Records).

In 2018, 2019 and 2020, Yeter continued to tour the world playing at top-tier festivals such as Serbia's Exit Festival, Mexico's EDC Mexico, Belgium's Tomorrowland and Hungary's Sziget Festival. Additionally, Yeter rolled out his symphony project in 2019/2020, and he toured in Turkey (and also played in Mexico) with a full orchestra in 2019/2020. Recent offerings from Yeter include the successful singles such as "Just Miss Love" feat Benny Benassi (Ultra Records), "Teenage Runaway" (Warner Music) and "Fly Away" (Controversia Records).

Yeter is working on upcoming projects in his studios in Amsterdam and scheduling post-pandemic tour dates for 2022.