CroStartup Conference

CroStartup Conference

Visoko Učilište Algebra, Zagreb

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Register for CroStartup Conference, 26.05.2022. in Visoko Učilište Algebra, Zagreb

Cro Startup presents its first international event, to be held on May 26, 2022, from 8h30, in Algebra, Zagreb.

Hear directly from the president of the Estonian startup association, startup founders, investors, and leaders of the companies that stood out in recent years.

Join us on the 26th of May in Algebra, Zagreb, you will find a global group of like-minded people, meaningful networking or mentoring, and potential future partners with new perspectives.

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Cro Startup is a young non-profit, non-governmental organization created in March 2022 when we started our journey of onboarding all stakeholders of the Croatian startup ecosystem. We created Cro Startup to: support the interests of startup founders and employees in Croatia, empower them by providing a wide range of resources, tools, and networks, and promote the Croatian startup scene on the European and international levels.