CRO Startup online workshop

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Register for CRO Startup online workshop, 29.09.2022.

You have a Facebook page, but it is run by your niece? You know that your content is good, but you are constantly being liked and followed by an audience that your product is not intended for? Maybe it's time to consult with Meta platform experts!

Using real examples, you will learn how advertising works - defining the audience, targeting, budgeting and other "little things" that we may forget when launching campaigns, but which have a great impact on the achievement of goals.

The experts of Httpool (an exclusive partner of leading media platforms) - Tin Klasić, Senior Client Solution Manager and Boris Zatezalo, Meta lead Croatia, will guide you through the Meta world.

Join us online on 29.9. at 10AM. Duration: 45 min.

The number of attendees is limited, so please make sure you register via the Entrio platform so that we can send you link on the day of the workshop.