Above Clouds with Luka Kladarić

Above Clouds with Luka Kladarić

location-iconBusiness Club 5, Sky Office, Zagreb

Above Clouds with Luka Kladarić

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Developing in the Cloud: 

how to get ahead and keep on winning

Cloud computing may be applied to any number of use cases, but the foundational questions remain:

  • Can cloud computing safely replace traditional IT infrastructure?
  • How to evaluate the advantages and threats of the Cloud environment?
  • How to stay on top of digital innovation and evolving cybersecurity threats?


If you are currently evaluating the Cloud’s applicability to your IT needs or are looking to optimize your Cloud performance, this workshop will allow you to: 

  • Navigate cloud concepts and terminology 
  • Evaluate various cloud computing models based on your unique needs
  • Manage cloud resources for optimal cost and performance
  • Understand techniques for operating and troubleshooting in the Cloud


If you are a forward-thinking software developer, engineer or systems administrator intrigued by the potential of cloud computing in achieving scalability, resilience, and efficiency in software development and deployment, this workshop is for you. Come join us on:

Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Sky Office

Tower A 14th floor

Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9


From 10 AM to 6 PM


Workshop leader: Luka Kladarić, Software Architect

About Luka Kladarić

Luka has two decades of experience in software development and infrastructure, advising multinational companies and startups on cloud architecture, reliability, development optimization, scaling, cyber defense, and digital innovation. Most recently, he was Head of Infrastructure and Site Reliability for Noom, a global digital well-being platform. His experience as a technology leader and consultant has equipped him to evaluate and optimize the performance of even the most complex technology environments. Luka is also a sought-after mentor and speaker at regional and worldwide technology events and conferences. 


Workshop Overview

Cloud technology and definitions

  • Scalability, resilience, high availability
  • Identity and Access Management, Virtual Private Network, Web Application Firewalls

Databases, Storage and Queues

  • Demystifying object storage, the cloud-native file storage
  • The relationship between database management and operational costs
  • Queue management


  • The right way to manage cloud servers to avoid distractions
  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • Using functions effectively


  • The critical role of logs
  • Metrics, monitoring and alerting
  • Distributed tracing

Group exercise

  • Taking a “classic” backend HTTP application with a SQL database, both hosted on a single server, we’ll briefly consider the bottlenecks under increased load and ways to mitigate them in a classic data center environment. 
  • We will then discuss migration paths towards the cloud, brainstorm architectures and explore ways to manage growth.

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