VangüardSessions pt5 - REGARD, VANILLAZ @ Amphora Hotel, Split

VangüardSessions pt5 - REGARD, VANILLAZ @ Amphora Hotel, Split

Hotel Amphora Split, Split

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za VangüardSessions pt5 - REGARD, VANILLAZ @ Amphora Hotel, Split, 07.08.2021. - 08.08.2021. u Hotel Amphora Split, Split

07.08.2021 // VANILLAZ PRESENTS: VANGÜARD SESSIONS (PART 05) @ Amphora Hotel Rooftop - Split

Line up:

REGARD ("Secrets", "Ride It")



Vanillaz are returning to Split once more in Summer 2021.

This time with a series of 8 events. Series includes artist that collaborated of supported Vanillaz till now and its happening on the best rooftops on the Croatian coast at the Amphora Hotel Split on the 10th floor. Watching sunset and dance to the music from your favorite artist, what more does one need?! Be a part of a legacy and secure your ticket today. Every event will start from 17:00 and will run until 00:00.

All tables will be separated by proper lengths in accordance with regulations
The rooftop is open.
All attendees must wear protective mask when entering the hotel (until they get to the hotel rooftop – 10th floor)

Entrance is 18+ years of age.

Reservations and info:
[email protected]
038591 / 3377-388 (Whatsapp)

To enter our events you will need to present at the entrance:

a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate for EU citizens / an equivalent certificate by the health institution of your country for non-EU citizens

Who qualifies fort he certificate?

Everyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19
People who got over COVID-19 disease
If you have a negative PCR or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2

If you dont have a certificate:

Please test yourself at least 24 hours before arriving at the event so you can enter without any problems and enjoy our open space rooftop.

SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test will be done on site (in front of the hotel), we got you so we prepared a special price for our guests, 30kn!

COVID-19 zaštitne mjere


Ovaj događaj zahtijeva EU digitalnu covid potvrdu

Testiranje na lokaciji će biti moguće

Dezinficijensi su dostupni na ulazu i unutar prostora

Propisan razmak između posjetitelja osigurava se sjedenjem i/ili barskim stolovima

Provodi se preporučena evidencija svih posjetitelja