Tunel / Love Over Entropy

Tunel / Love Over Entropy

Tunel, Šibenik

O događaju

Love Over Entropy nastupit će u u subotu 16. ožujka u šibenskom Tunelu gdje će se publici predstaviti u live izdanju.

To je njegov prvi nastup u Šibeniku gdje će mu se vlastitim live setom pridružiti naš glazbeni genijalac Fikcio Monger, a nakon muzičkog performancea frontmena benda The Fogsellers pult će do jutra preuzeti DJ Sergej Snooze (Sergej Lugovic).

Love Over Entropy DJ je i producent koji, mada je na sceni dulje od 20 godina, još uvijek stvara i nastupa s jednakim entuzijazmom kao devedesetih.


LOVE OVER ENTROPY BIO / Producing electronic music for over twenty years, he’s far from a rookie. But he’s still driven by the same enthusiasm and curiosity as if he has just discovered how to hookup a drumcomputer to a delay pedal. While difficult to pinpoint, his music is hypnotic, deep, atmospheric with a tender and soulful touch, paradoxically combining an obsessive attention to detail with plenty of space for chaos and chance. Utilising slowly unfolding arrangements which glisten with organically interwoven rhythms and shimmering melodies, it’s music that undeniably draws you in.

Love Over Entropy is about looking beyond the horizon of momentary impulses, trying to figure out answers to questions that will almost always lead to more complex and interesting matters to be explored. His curiosity got him into electronic music around 1989, but it wasn’t until 1993 that he started to produce his own music. Provoked by the ideology of early Detroit pioneers and experimental IDM, they still inspire the otherworldly landscapes Love Over Entropy navigates today.

A journey that has led him trough different phases and monikers, finally landing on Love Over Entropy with his ‘Off The Grid EP’ on Something Happening Somewhere late 2013. After being picked up by heavyweights like Mano Le Tough, Âme and Laurent Garnier, it seemed he was on to something. Subsequently gaining more momentum with the ‘Tonii EP’ on SoHaSo in the spring of 2015, of which Dixon liked the original so much, he offered to do a remix. The rest is history.

The summer of 2015 saw the release of his Inbetween EP on the esteemed Lossless label, while also doing his first remix work, spreading his wings further and expanding his sonic palette. Constantly pushing his own envelope to evolve his sound and skills, he never fully belongs to a tribe or scene and in that sense Love Over Entropy is a true artist, carefully carving his own groove for those who are willing to listen.