The Balkan Brain - Stand-Up Show by Pedja Bajović

The Balkan Brain - Stand-Up Show by Pedja Bajović

Kulturni centar Mesnička, Zagreb

O događaju

...seee you next time. Stay tuned! 

How many times during your time here have you wondered: Where the  __________ (fill in the blank) am I!? Well, have a Balkans native (Montenegrin-born, Serbian-raised Bosnian living in Croatia) try to explain it to you. And make you laugh along the way!

You thought you already knew enough about the Balkans, or simply never bothered to learn anything about it? For the latter among you - you're not to blame: the images you've encountered were mostly those of war atrocities, too many historical references, ongoing crime with much corruption and not so many teeth. Yes, there is also the beautiful nature here, delicious cuisine and upbeat music...

However, is there anything at all funny about it? Well, here's a chance for you to find out! Delivered in an hour-long show by Pedja Bajović (one of the founders of the Balkans stand-up comedy circuit) - in a manner best described by its slogan: Filthy Mouth. Clean Heart. Balkan Brain!

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