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Preuzmi karte odnosno ulaznice za TAX IMPLICATIONS FOR FOUNDERS BY KPMG, 16.12.2022. u Visoko učilište Algebra, Zagreb

Join us on 16.12.  at 10 AM in Algebra facilities where our keynote speakers Kristina Grbavac (Associate Partner at KPMG Croatia) and Goran Križanac (Senior Manager at KPMG Croatia) will take us through a high-level presentation which is intended to cover various tax questions including:

  • Investment in the company – can this result in a tax liability for me ?
  • Do I need to be an employee of the company and to pay myself a salary?
  • Do I need to pay any social security contributions if I will be a director of the company ?
  • If the company makes a profit and wishes to pay a dividend what are the tax implications ?
  • Sale of a share in a company – which taxes to consider ?
  • If an Employee Share Option Plan is introduced how this will impact my share in the company and what taxes might arise from that ?

This presentation will be followed by a workshop which will be held in 2023 and during which different tax matters will be covered in more detail, including those which will be raised by you at this initial presentation.

Participation is free of charge but do hurry up, because applications will be taken into account until the anticipated capacity is filled.

This event is sponsored by HAMAG-BICRO and EEN.


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