Strengths: discover and develop the best version of you

Strengths: discover and develop the best version of you

Impact HUB Zagreb, Vlaška 70E Zagreb, Zagreb

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Strengths: discover and develop the best version of you
It is time to make your strengths work for you.
Strengths discover and develop the best version of you
What are your strengths? What are the things you are really good at? How much are you using them for your success and happiness? Did you know that engaging your strengths, according to positive psychology research, makes you happier, raises your confidence and success, makes you more resilient and gives you a stronger feeling of purpose?

If you believe that you could be leveraging the advantage of your unique personal strengths more, this workshops is made for you.

At this workshop, we will dive into the importance of focusing on strengths. We will touch on what are strengths and dive deep into what are YOUR own unique strengths. The focus will be on discovering but also on applying your strengths more in everyday life.

Strengths are strongly related to happiness, resilience, and meaning. Using strengths often makes us more happy and satisfied because working with your own strengths is very enjoyable. It also builds our confidence and improves results, leading to higher resilience. Last but not least, using strengths makes you feel authentic and makes you feel authentic and strengthens the feeling of meaning and purpose in own life and everyday activities.

Your strengths are a bit like your sails.

In some ways, life is a bit like a cruise and we are a sailing boat. And on that sailing boat, weakness arelike holes in the boat, and the strengths are like sails. Of course, if holes are too big, sail won’t really help. But just focusing on fixing weaknesses won’t take you far, and does not bring in nearly as much fun and success as engaging your sails more.
Using the sails is what really takes us forward in life and provides much more enjoyment than fixing the holes. Sails are what really moves us towards the destination.

Learning goals for this workshop

At this workshop you will:
• Understand what strengths are and why it is good idea to use them more
• Discover more about your own personal strengths through guided self-reflection, learning from others about your strengths, through interactive activities and games and through science-based strengths surveys
• Learn to present yourself in a more impactful way as a consequence of understanding more about your strengths and capabilities
• Make a plan on how to use your strengths more in everyday life and work
• Understand the danger of overusing your strengths and how to avoid that trap

The workshop is based on the science of positive psychology and on trainer’s comprehensive experience of working with people on discovering and engaging their strengths.