Stand-Up in English: THE BALKAN BRAIN in Zagreb

Stand-Up in English: THE BALKAN BRAIN in Zagreb

location-iconConfusion Bar, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za Stand-Up in English: THE BALKAN BRAIN in Zagreb, 03.08.2022. - 14.08.2022. u Confusion Bar, Zagreb

(AUGUST 3-14, Door Open 19.30h - show starts at 20.00h - Confusion Bar, Ivana Tkalčića 15)

So, you are now in Zagreb, Croatia. In the Balkans. Or not not in the Balkans. How come!? You are cordially invited to come and learn more about it and get as many answers to you occasional WTF!? while here. Don't worry... we know. And we're here to help, making you laugh along the way.

Upon his return from the World Comedy Expo in Chicago and the North American tour, followed by the European one, Pedja Bajović - the most international stand-up comedian from the Balkans will be waiting for you in his dozen-days streak in one of the best rooms for stand-up comedy in Zagreb! Seating is limited to 40 people and the the air-conditioned underground room at the Confusion Bar, located only minute and a half of a slow walk from the main city square, awaits you! 

Prior to your arrival here you thought you already knew enough about the Balkans; or simply never bothered to learn much about it anyway? Yes, there is beautiful nature there, delicious cuisine and upbeat music… However, is there anything funny at all about it? Delivered in a hour-long show by one of their natives, in a manner best described by its slogan: Filthy Mouth. Clean Heart. Balkan Brain!

Pedja had numerous TV appearances, including Comedy Central Extra channel, as well as platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Comcast NBC, and even made it to the finals od the Laugh Factory's FUNNIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD competition back in 2016.
Only last March he was invited to Chicago to be one of only three representatives of Europe at the World Comedy Expo! More about the comedian and his previous work you can learn here: Pedja Bajović in English

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