AQUARIUS Klub, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za SELECTED: ANDRE RIZO | AQUARIUS CLUB ZAGREB | 28 APR 2023, 28.04.2023. - 29.04.2023. u AQUARIUS Klub, Zagreb

Zagreb! Get ready to experience an electrifying night of music with SELECTED: ANDRE RIZO. We are thrilled to announce that the talented Andre Rizo will be headlining the event at Aquarius Club on April 28th.

Andre Rizo's main purpose as a DJ is to "Do what you feel & feel what you do! Be magical every fucking time when you get the chance!" With his ability to feel every beat and make music his own therapy, it's no surprise that he has become one of the most airplayed DJs and producers on Dance FM radio.

Growing up with a father who was an ardent musician and shared his love for music, Andre's passion for music was inevitable. As a producer, he found plenty of ways to express himself musically, and his choices for his sets reflect what he loves best: tech bassline and vocal hooks, all on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling house beat.

Andre's love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. His goal is to create a mood and a house-y, hypnotic groove that will make you dance and move your body without you even realizing it, regardless of the tempo and style.

With over 5 million streams on Spotify and a place in the Top 20 Tech House Beatport Worldwide next to names like Solardo and Martin Ikin, Andre has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the world. In 2019, he was named the best DJ in Romania, and he celebrated his One Decade Anniversary by going on the first tour with VR 360 technology to be ever performed in Europe.

In 2020, he even performed from a hot air balloon DJ set above the clouds of Bucharest as part of his "Remote Tour."

Join us at Aquarius Club on April 28th and witness the magic of Andre Rizo as he takes the stage for an unforgettable night of non-stop dancing and great music. Get your tickets now and experience the energy of SELECTED: ANDRE RIZO!