schmeckt das tanzen: Andrea Ljekaj invites Braunbeck

schmeckt das tanzen: Andrea Ljekaj invites Braunbeck

AQUARIUS Klub, Zagreb

O događaju

In case you missed it the last time, here is a quick reminder on what Schmeckt is. The creators of #thisishappiness events, Tanzen Kollektiv, are bringing you a brand new flavor of dancefloor entertainment - tanzen's baby brother “Schmeckt”!

Schmeckt, aka #tasteslikedancing is all about new music discovery. Schmeckt is curious. Schmeckt is dark. Schmeckt happens once a month. Schmeckt is intimate. Schmeckt is limited to 150 people. Schmeckt happens at legendary Aquarius A1 floor.

Schmeckt has no headliners. Schmeckt has no timetable. We select one home DJ who invites one guest DJ. Home DJ will set the tone, set the rules, set the vibe, set the timetable and alongside his guest, take you on a unique dancefloor journey. Each one is different.

Schmeckt starts late in the evening, when everybody is ready to start dancing. Schmeckt ends sometime in the morning, when everybody is falling off their feet.

For the Schmeckt premiere we asked our resident DJ, Mozer, to pick his match. He opted for Theus Mago. If you joined us, you schmecked it. If not, here is another opportunity.

On Dec 6 this year, second edition of Schmeckt will take place at Aquarius. We asked our good friend, supporter and above all, extraordinary talented musician, producer and DJ, Andrea Ljekaj to pick his Schmeckt guest. He chose none the less but Braunbeck. Why him, in a few short lines:

  • Braunbeck, opened the first tanzen ever, one year ago, alongside Tiefschwarz, Bronski and Mozer, and made a serious mark on tanzen audience
  • Braunbeck, started the Sol Eterno label, which tracks regularly fill Andrea's sets and track lists
  • Braunbeck, who made it to Circoloco artist family in his first international year under Watergate
  • Braunbeck, who is a passionate music digger that mixed Vice Vukov's "Zvona moga grada" into his Deep House London showcase mix
  • Braunbeck, eventhough from Stuttgart, is the original Berliner by heart & soul, and simply a great guy who you don't wanna miss

At Schmeckt, we promise to deliver a completely new experience of A1 club room at Aquarius Klub. It is the legendary birthplace of so many notable club programs in the past 20 years that paved the way for numerous artists and various generations of dancefloor fanatics to come. It is time we bring it back to its old glory - but with a completely different and fresh schmeckt.