Rovinj Party Boat w/ Fantasea Events

Rovinj Party Boat w/ Fantasea Events

location-iconMonvi Boat, Rovinj

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za Rovinj Party Boat w/ Fantasea Events, 07.07.2023. u Monvi Boat, Rovinj

We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the most extraordinary boat party experience in Rovinj!

Event info:
- 23.06.2023
- 18:00 - 22:00
- Boarding starts at 17:50.
- Adress: Valdibora Ferry (In front of Rovinj Aquarium)
- Price: 45,00eur
- Ticket Includes: 
        - 4 hour boat ride
        - afterparty entrance in Steel Club
        - welcome drink
        - The best of music and animation

Embark on a remarkable journey through the captivating waters of the Rovinj archipelago, where exhilarating waves embrace the vessel, complemented by the euphonious beats skillfully curated by our esteemed DJ. Prepare for an unparalleled Friday afternoon, brimming with joy and merriment.

As the radiant sun gradually descends, casting a glorious glow upon all in attendance, the atmosphere transitions into an aura of tranquility, fostering a profound sense of contentment and joy.

Furthermore, rest assured that the festivities shall persist beyond the boat ride itself. An extraordinary afterparty awaits, guaranteeing a continuation of the jubilant ambiance and ensuring a night filled with revelry.

Indeed, this event stands as the pinnacle of Rovinj's nightlife, offering an unrivaled celebration that encapsulates the essence of pure amusement and delight. Such an occasion must not be overlooked or dismissed.

Kindly visit our official website at for more information and secure your spot at this momentous gathering.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at this extraordinary affair.


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