R'N'B Weekend Festival

R'N'B Weekend Festival

Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odn. ulaznice za R'N'B Weekend Festival, 23.05.2019. u Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb

R'N'B Weekend (Restaurants'n'Bars Weekend) is a combination of a conference, a fair and a festival that promotes excellence in the hospitality industry and food & beverage production. The aim of the project is to include all the segments of the culture of restaurants and bars, through lectures, panels, workshops and masterclasses, and in one place gather professionals from the HORECA industry as well as all interested audiences. R'N'B Weekend is an event that wants, not only to gather all the most relevant participants, but to become a place for gathering Croatian and regional gastronomic scenes.

We will bring experts from around the world who will create tools and suggestions such as selling a certain drink with the particular food that the exhibitor has in his restaurant or vice versa. Or for example combining hospitality segments to improve their offer. We want to follow the highest standards of industry and global trends.

Pairing foods and services that can't always be found in the same place we are creating an unforgettable experience that will position the festival as a must-see event in this industry.

Our wish is to encourage excellence, trends and exclusivity! While the counter value for each visitor is the world standard that can be transferred to your business.