Quarantine Of Art Festival

Quarantine Of Art Festival

Club Lazareti, Dubrovnik

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Quarantine Of Art Festival

9th-11th August 2019.
Club Lazareti, Dubrovnik


The new festival from Dubrovnik got it's name from the famous ''Lazareti'' which was the first quarantine system in the world. In medieval times it was used as a measure to contain diseases but now it's a place for different kind of outbreaks. Outbreaks of good music and art. The three shapes inside the symbolic quarantine represent art, diversity and togetherness. QOA Festival will give you special audio-visual experience. Some of the finest young international and local artists of various underground music genres from deeper side of house music to raw techno sound will present their sound. When it comes to visual art it will present also painters from Croatia through paintings exihibitions during day time. The venue is already mentioned ancient Club Lazareti dated from 17th century and for this special occasion night time events will take place in it's open air lobby. Theme of the festival will be "Ancient Garden" followed by special decor and visuals. Although it is audio-visual festival it will contain some educational program through DJ/producer workshops that will host some of the best artists from Croatia. The whole idea of the festival is to present Dubrovnik as a party destination alongside cultural one and to present local artists alongside some bigger names of the scene. Welcome!

➡️2 Night events
➡️1 Day event
➡️Paintings exhibitions


Amber [Be As One] NL
Mariano Mateljan [Infuse / u.dig] ST
Joe Red [Toolroom Records / Sola] | ESP
Dj Jock [Suara / Intec Digital] | ST

Zookey / Leon B. / Deep Blèu / ČX / Maroje / Denis T. / Flora & Lija / Dotur & Champa / Brigitta / Matt Butt / Benx


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