Playing Lean Zagreb

Playing Lean Zagreb

Impact HUB Zagreb, Vlaška 70E Zagreb, Zagreb

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About the workshop

Lean startup is a hot topic these days. Many are talking about it, but just some are really using it right way. To make it easy to learn about Lean Startup, two guys from Norway developed a board game which teaches people Lean Startup methodology.

Playing LEAN Workshop - learn Lean Startup playfully in 90 min. !

Organized in collaboration with the Impact HUB Zagreb

Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean

If you are Looking for:

• an interactive way to learn the basics of Lean Startup,

• a refreshing perspective on the uncertainties of entrepreneurship and innovation,

• new ideas that can help you accelerate your business and get things done.

Are you an:

Entrepreneur - looking for new ways to boost innovation in your business.

Startup founder – who would like to learn from experienced trainers about Lean startup methodology and how to start a startup in the Lean Startup way.

Intrapreneur / change maker / developer – an individual who would like to change how products are build and sold inside of the established companies.

Individual – working on innovative ideas or developing their projects and want to learn about Lean Startup methodology to be able to mitigate the risk of failure.


Than this Playing Lean Workshop is just the thing for you!

"Life's Too Short to Build Something Nobody Wants."
-- by Ash Maurya

What is Playing LEAN?

Playing Lean is a fun and interactive workshop designed to teach and experience the Lean Startup method. During which you playfully learn the effect which Lean Startup can have on your business, by competing in a physical board game - Playing Lean (

During the workshop you learn the basics of practical application of Lean Startup based on Ash Maurya's approach published in Running Lean. After a basic introduction to the Lean Startup principles, you will join a team and battle each other for mass-market domination :-) While playing the game you will learn and experience the impact which Lean Startup can have on development of your business, and gain fresh new insights on the way how Lean Startup, differently, approaches traditional business challenges.

If your now thinking..... this is the thing for me!

Register for the Workshop here*!

Curious what you will do during the workshop?

The Playing Lean workshop is based on a simple idea:

you learn so much more when you experience the teachings yourself.

So, that's why we use gamified learning and are not just explaining the theory. Instead of forcing people to read a book or figure it out themselves, we can teach faster and get a deeper understanding through a fun and interactive gamified learning experience - Playing Lean.

What you will learn?

Lean Startup fundamentals such as:

• MVP - Minimum Viable Product

• Build-Measure-Learn cycle

• How to use Validated Learning

• Iterative Product Development in Lean Startup way

• Testing your assumptions and the importance of Experiments

• Pivoting - a (radical) turn in strategy (not vision) as a result of validated learning resulted from experiments.

But, the most importantly, you will learn a new, fast and structured approach to developing new innovative products & services that your customer WANTS! Helping yourself and your organization save valuable time and resources......

* * * Workshop will be facilitated by Tore Rasmussen, experienced Lean Startup trainer and consultant from Norway, a co-founder of Playing Lean Board Game. * * *

Workshop Bonus Items:

Workshop attendees additionally get $87 worth of bonus item:

● 3 months access to LeanStack innovation accounting tool ($87).

See you at the workshop!


*Registration through Entrio is mandatory


Q:Do I have to have any knowledge on Lean Startup?
A: No! There is going to be short introduction to Lean Startup from Tore Rasmussen so you will be able to follow everything in the game. But if you have understanding of Lean Startup, this can just add extra benefit to game experience.

Learning Outcomes

The game lasts for 3,5 hours. During this time, the players learn:
● The framework of the concepts the method is based on,
● The four development levels for staging new products and services,
● What psychological pitfalls Intrapreneurs need to be aware of.

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Terms and conditions regarding the reimbursement:

  • Early bird tickets are not reimbursable
  • Other tickets can be reimbursed up to one week before the event in full amount reduced by administrative costs.

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