#play14 Zagreb

#play14 Zagreb

location-iconZagrebački inovacijski centar – ZICER, paviljon 12, Zagreb

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Prijava odnosno registracija za #play14 Zagreb, 03.03.2023. - 05.03.2023. u Zagrebački inovacijski centar – ZICER, paviljon 12, Zagreb

#play14 We believe in playfulness!




#play14 is organized as a weekend unconference, where attendees are also session contributors. Anyone who wants to initiate a topic can claim a time slot in the agenda, and the schedule is done every morning, on the spot.

#play14 is open to everyone interested but it will be especially useful to you if you are a leader in a corporation or organization, project manager (Agile/Scrum/Lean) or an innovator who wants to introduce and try different methods of using games to improve business processes, productivity, products and services, team communication and organizational culture.

Any real world activity used as a metaphor for learning, sharing and understanding. Because we want to focus on the face to face nature of play and we believe it to be most relevant in the context of this event, we will not use nor create any digital or video games during the event.

Get new ideas for games and activities that you will be able to try out right away with your teams when you go back home. Play games that you already know and learn about variations, or discover completely new activities and learn how to facilitate them.

You get to meet new interesting people from many European countries from multiple backgrounds and with different experiences: serial gamers, learning-by-doing practitioners, games designers, facilitators, agile coaches, teachers, product or service designer, actors, improvisers, therapists, brainstormers, HR.

It's a safe place where you can experiment new games or any idea that you have, with open minded people, who will be happy to provide feedback. You can come with an idea of something you want to teach, and find people to help you design a game that will reach your particular educational objective.

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