OMGcommerce 2015 - by Netokracija

OMGcommerce 2015 - by Netokracija

location-iconKRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb

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Prijava odnosno registracija za OMGcommerce 2015 - by Netokracija, 04.05.2015. u KRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb

The World of Internet Commerce in Southeastern Europe

Netokracija invites you to OMGcommerce 2014 — a regional conference for ecommerce, retail and online professionals interested in improving their brands’ ecommerce strategy.

Learn from the region’s most influential ecommerce brands from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia as well as expert guest speakers from countries such as the UK on how to leverage ecommerce to sell more effectively online. How to optimize your webshop, sell luxury online or create regional and global demand for your products - it’s time for you to attend OMGcommerce and discover the future of ecommerce in the region!

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