LP-GP Networking Event

LP-GP Networking Event

location-iconHotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik

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Prijava odnosno registracija za LP-GP Networking Event, 17.05.2023. - 19.05.2023. u Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik

About the Event

  • LP-GP Networking Event is a one-of-a-kind exclusive venture capital and private equity event in the CEE/SEE region for selected end-investors or limited partners (LPs) to venture capital and private equity funds and their fund managers or general partners (GPs).
  • LP-GP Networking Event offers fantastic opportunities for exploring hidden gems of CEE/SEE region investment potential and to create new connections in both informal and formal settings. The formal programme consists of one day conference, but the networking includes and is not limited to the cocktail drinks reception, dinners, and organised tour.
  • LP-GP Networking Event will offer opportunities to learn about the unicorn creation potential CEE/SEE has, and proven and tested investment strategies in the growth capital and private equity markets.


Besides offering opportunities for improving LP-GP relationships, the LP-GP Networking Event provides peer-to-peer networking and exchange of deal flow information about investment and co-investment opportunities.
Participants will be able to discuss the most important topics and challenges for LP-GP relationships in CEE/SEE region, and for venture capital and private equity industry in CEE/SEE region.

Why attend (LPs)

  1. Discover unicorn creation potential:
  • CEE/SEE region has amazing unicorn generation potential. Despite receiving less than 3% of VC funding compared to the European total, unicorns founded in CEE/SEE region currently represent 12% of the European total (44 unicorns across the CEE region, and 9 in the narrower SEE region).
  • Croatia has two unicorns (Infobip and Rimac), and many more soonicorns.

2. Explore opportunities to invest in local VCs who are the first step to capturing in the vibrant regional startup scene:

  • Croatia and CEE/SEE region are rapidly growing startup/scaleup ecosystems, with combined enterprise values estimated to exceed 30 billion euros for the SEE region and 5 billion euros for Croatia.
  • Croatian-born startups/scaleups attracted more than 1 billion euros in investments in both 2021 and 2022 (total estimate of 2,3 billion euros in 2021 and 2022)

3. Examine value creation opportunities in the private equity space successfully pursued by local PE fund managers:

  • Specific PE strategies work in CEE/SEE region with stunning success. Buy-and-build platforms are one of them - healthcare, IT, FMCG, retail and broadband/cable TV are the most likely sectors.

Why attend (GPs)

  • Meet and build relationships with senior-level LPs and decision-makers in investment industry.
  • Unique opportunity to present your fund(s), investment strategies, and opportunities to key investors.
  • Suitable and essential regardless of the current fundraising trajectory - whether you are actively fundraising, between first and final closing, or not actively fundraising – the relationship building with potential investors is a must for current and future fund(s) under management.
  • Gather insights on trends, opportunities, and other CEE/SEE market developments.

Venue info

LP-GP Networking event takes place in the Croatian jewel of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik was magnificent before it became a Game of Thrones filming destination. It is hard to avoid a little thrill when you set your eyes on the gorgeous medieval city, regardless of whether you see it for the first or hundredth. Cobblestone streets, mediaeval walls, and the impossibly blue-green colours of the Adriatic Sea make Dubrovnik a cinematic tourist destination. Fine food, exhilarating outdoor activities, and charming beaches await visitors in the jewel of the Adriatic.

Dubrovnik has been inhabited since the ancient times. The culture of this ancient Republic date from the 7th century, and the origins of the city walls are from the 9th century. Most city walls visible and well preserved to the present day were built in the 14th century.
Whether you enjoy adventure, leisure, nature, or historical sites, Dubrovnik is sure to astonish you with its beauty. This mediaeval city is ideal for both those trying to unwind and those seeking new adventures all year long because it is a haven of peace and adventure. Discover the various myths, tales, and secrets from Dubrovnik's rich cultural past as you stroll through the city's streets. Stop by the freedom-symbolising Orlando's Column in Dubrovnik to learn the fundamentals of bartering from the locals on Stradun. Explore the streets, take in the troubadours' music, and discover how and why the city survived the fall of Ancient Greece. One of the safest places to vacation in the world is Dubrovnik, which has been ranked as the fourth most beautiful city in Europe.

Summer is not the best time to visit. May is less crowded, and the weather is pleasantly warm, supporting beach stays and sea swims. Average May air temperatures are 24C and sea temperatures 20C.


Accommodation info:

LP-GP Networking Event takes place at hotel Excelsior, chosen for the best views of the old medieval city-centre of Dubrovnik (Old Town)
Hotel Excelsior has direct beach access and a wellness and spa area.
The cocktails party on Thursday night will be on the Terrance of the hotel Excelsior, offering a stunning view of the sea and Old Town, probably the best picture-perfect spot.


How to book?

Step 1: Go to Adriatic Luxury Hotels (https://www.adriaticluxuryhotels.com/), and under “Hotels and Villas” choose hotel Excelsior

Step 2: Once the “hotel Excelsior” page opens, click “Book now”

Step 3: At the next following window that opens fill out the exact days of your stay and under the “Promo code” write CVCA. Press again “Book your stay”

Step 4: Finish your reservation by choosing your room and fill out the other reservation details requested

Step 5: Read carefully “Terms & conditions” to get the information about the cancellation policy

Special note for participants: City tax is calculated separately from the web page calculation and will have to be settled in the hotel, at the check-out.

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