LEAPin Rijeka

LEAPin Rijeka

location-iconRiječka razvojna agencija PORIN, Rijeka

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Prijava odnosno registracija za LEAPin Rijeka, 19.04.2024. u Riječka razvojna agencija PORIN, Rijeka

And last LEAPin stop - Rijeka! Save the date for 19th of April because LEAPin is coming at 📍 Development Agency PORIN!

Ever pondered marketing from a behavioral standpoint? 🤔 Or perhaps you've wondered how to captivate audiences with the power of psychology? 🧠 

This conference is your chance to uncover the secrets! Also, there will be a workshop where we’ll talk about AI and Creativity and how to unleash your creative potential.

🎤 And for the grand finale, prepare for an evening of laughter and insight with Aleks Curać Šarić, a Stand-up Sensation! Open Mic & Real Talk guaranteed to leave you in stitches!

And the best part? This conference is completely FREE!

#LEAPSummit2024 #LEAPinRijeka2024

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