KBS ✘ Liminal w. Lola Palmer

KBS ✘ Liminal w. Lola Palmer

Klub Gervais, Opatija

O događaju

✖ Requested by avid fans, LOLA PALMER is finally coming to Croatia!

✖ One more time, KBS brings you a premiere. For this opportunity we chose a new venue. In collaboration with Liminal crew, we will again offer You our vision of quality underground music, production and wicked party 'till the early morning! KBS and Liminal will join forces to rebuild Gervais basement into intimate capacity for only 400 persons and provide additional audio visual experience!

✖ LOLA PALMER is one of the brightest artists on Ukrainian electronic scene. She is a DJ, a producer and a musician with the delicate taste and clear understanding of rich and diverse underground music world.

As a resident on the international RTS FM (Kiev Studio), her music and subtle mixing skills have firmly put her in the forefront of the Ukraine music scene and often referred to as the best DJ from her country.

As a producer and the musician Lola cooperates with her idols – The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown Jr. She fully debuted as the producer and the vocalist, when she had released several singles including "What You Feel" EP with Asaga and Terry Lee Brown Jr remixes on Ready Mix Records.

Besides, Lola Palmer made a special mix for the Moscow Pravda Club, British Anjunadeep and series of mixes on White Deepnes. Lola is also resident of MixCult project from St. Petersburg and her sets can be heard at Sonar festival in Barcelona as well as all over the European underground clubs.

✖ LOLA PALMER (Berg Audio / Mix Cult - Kiew / Ukraine)
✖ BRONSKI (Deep’n’Delicious / KBS)
✖ MARIN BIOCIC (Seriously Tw!sted)
✖ MARCEL (Liminal)
✖ SAN SUONO (Liminal)