Javantura v6

Javantura v6

Hotel Panorama, Zagreb

O događaju

Javantura v6 - 6th International Java Community Conference in Croatia

Javantura became one of the largest Java community conferences in this part of Europe, built on a lot of enthusiasm and volunteering from Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK) members.

Since 2012 HUJAK organized 5 great Javantura conferences, 7 successful JavaCro conferences, and numerous meetups and workshops, as well as supported or helped in the organization of various other software development conferences in the region.

This is our 6th Javantura conference in Zagreb (and our 19th Java-related conference in Croatia), so we also like to call it Javantura v6. It will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2018 in Hotel Panorama in Zagreb, Croatia, EU.

Our intent is to gather Java community in Croatia and from the region as well, and we also expect a lot of visitors from all other countries.

The main organizer is non-profit Croatian Java User Association / Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika (HUJAK).

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