Infobip Shift 2021

Infobip Shift 2021

Krešimir Ćosić Hall, Zadar

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Prijava odn. registracija za Infobip Shift 2021, 07.09.2021. u Krešimir Ćosić Hall, Zadar

Infobip Shift is the largest Developer event in Southeastern Europe, which purpose is to bring the world’s brightest developers together. For its 10th anniversary, this event will bring together more than 3000 attendees from all around the globe.

A 2-day multistage hybrid conference dedicated to people passionate about software, continuing the tradition of delivering interactive, engaging, and exciting content. Expect multiple tracks, learn from extraordinary minds, engage in virtual experiences, prospect from exhibit hall, and expand your network on afterparties. Everything brought to you by Infobip and Shift.

You’ll be able to meet new people, share ideas and opinions without making it awkward. Everybody here is excited to meet - no matter where they are from.

Apart from making new friends, you’ll also be able to find new clients and partners. A lot of people come to our conference with problems, as well as solutions. Whether you’ve got the former or the latter, you’ll certainly able to find what you need. Find developer and programming innovations, grow your network, and get involved at the event that puts you and your company on the map of developers.

All talks will be professionally streamed so anyone from around the world can tune in. Second, you will be able to chat remotely with everyone at the event - both live and remote, and lastly, you will be able to remotely ask all the speakers direct questions via our Remote only AMA with each of our speakers! So, in Short, you get to meet new people, listen to all the talks, and talk directly to the speakers themselves.

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Thermal Testing, Occupancy Monitoring, Face Masks, Sanitising Stations. We will also minimise crowd density with additional access and exit points.