HTTPS x Smooth /w Arapu & Janeret @Sky Tower

HTTPS x Smooth /w Arapu & Janeret @Sky Tower

location-iconSky Tower, Zagreb

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Kupi karte odnosno ulaznice za HTTPS x Smooth /w Arapu & Janeret @Sky Tower, 25.06.2022. - 26.06.2022. u Sky Tower, Zagreb

Nakon vrlo uspješnog eventa u Katran klubu selimo našu priču na 21 katu najvišeg zagrebačkog vrha, Sky Towera, gdje se ponovno okupljamo uz melankolićni zvuk Void ozvučenja. Ovoga puta u goste nam dolaze heavyweighty agencija Yoyaku [FR], Sunrise [RO] i ElBasslinea [ES].

Predstavljamo vruć početak ljeta uz 360-view pogled cijelog grada Zagreba, te smo ponosni što nam u goste dolaze jedva "dobavljivi" Arapu i Janeret koji trenutno putuju kroz Kontinente diljem svijeta sa 3 tjedna nastupa. Kada jedan nije dosta...Full line up:


🔊Arapu [Sunrise]
🔊Janeret [Yoyaku]
🔊Bttologic [Elbassline]
🔊DIKKA [Https]
🔊IGZ [Https]

Karte na

◣Arapu [] is a certified treasure. Based in Bucharest, he has been putting out records since 2011,
although he cultivated his passion for music since he was 15.
A real master of the decks, the electronic spaces Arapu creates are characterized by a straightforward style and its own seductive playfulness. The captivating basslines and driving synths are nothing more than the best fertilizer for his signature sound, carefully mixed at the right bpm to wake up the crowd's voracious hunger for dancing.
Arapu's discography reaches a greater range of emotions. It's hard not to notice that his records hide a special feature: the ability to amplify any form of good mood. As a natural outgrowth, in 2015 he started his own label - Liniar. Look beyond the big moments and you'll see a sound pilot with big ideas.

◣Janeret [yoyaku] Mickael Jeanneret is one of a handful of talented rising French DJ-producers signed to Yoyaku, the Paris-based record label, recordstore, and booking agency. As Janeret, he performs regularly through Europe, but has also toured through Japan, Australia, America, Asia... Acknowledged for his energetic sets that incorporate minimalhouse and breaks. Janeret grew up in Grenoble, a city in south-eastern France, but has called Paris home since 2010. It was around this time that he began“taking production seriously,” he explains; his earliest experiment shad started several years earlier .The reception of these early works saw Janeret sign to Yoyaku, now aflag-bearer of the French minimal music scene.

◣Bttologic [ElBassline] Colombian DJ / Producer, Based in Barcelona Spain, characterized by its Minimal-Deep-House sounds which has led him to share his music indifferent world stages.
Founder - CEO of the label El Bassline, with which he performs different electronic music events working with renown artists of the industry and supporting new talents.

◣DIKKA [Https] is HTTPS resident DJ from Germany. Vladimir is a young prospect of minimal and microhouse genre. In short amount of time he released his music on labels such as Mixcult , Need for Sound , Resonance and his first vinyl on Switzerlands Relikt label. Supported by big heads like Paco Osuna, Arapu, Barac, Ilario Alicante, Nima Gorji. Vern, etc..

◣IGZ [https,synesthesia,namaz] is a DJ, selector & founding member of synesthesia and NAMAZ collective. He shared DJ booths troughout the years with many established artists, be it local or international, names like Diego Krause, Mariano Mateljan, BRYZ, Cosmjn, Denis Kaznacheev, Valentino Kanzyani, Madezh. IGZ is also resident DJ of HTTPS: event protocol, a micro-house music collective. You could be familiar with IGZ sound as he played in most of Zagreb's electronic clubs, Seastar Festival 2022, as well as in Dubrovnik's QOA festival.

◣Lokacija / Location
SKY tower, 21th floor
Adress: Ul. Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9, Zagreb

◣Audio by VOID Acoustics

◣Fruit stand & refreshment tools @Chill Zona Room

◣Start time:
20:00 PM

◣Rezervacije stolova obavezne do 21:30h na:
[email protected]

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