Good Game Conference Zagreb 2019

Good Game Conference Zagreb 2019

MSU, Zagreb

O događaju

Good Game Konferencija - novo u produkciji Good Game Global tima!

Dovodimo TOP imena iz business i gaming industrije koja će nas upoznati sa svojim uspjesima, najnovijim trendovima na tržištu i pružiti nam jedan novi, svježi uvid u digitalni i svijet gaminga.
Kroz zanimljiv program vodit će vas Peter Hopwood, internacionalni speaker, coach i poduzetnik.

Raspored predavanja
12:00 Tea Dora - Outfit 7
“Influencer Marketing: The Truth Behind the Hype”
Spearheaded by the games industry, the influencer revolution is changing the marketing landscape at a breakneck pace. But what’s the truth behind the hype? Drawing from Outfit7’s extensive experience working with influencers, this talk will outline the whos, the whats and the whys of effective influencer marketing.

13:00 Tomislav Pongrac - Gamepires
"SCUM - the beginning"
Tomislav will be talking about how they came up with the idea of SCUM, what was all the work behind their big hit and how marketing played a key role in everything.

14:00 Ivan Ivanković - Uber
“The Age of Mobility”
He will share his experiences, lessons he learned and how the future of mobility might look like.

15:00 Tomislav Gojević - Nanobit
"Business development and art of networking"
Experienced biz dev talks about do's and dont's of networking.

16:00 Marko Žulj - Google
‘’Monetizing hyper casually’’
Marko will be talking about what is hypercasual gaming and how can gaming studios monetize a new user segment.

12:00 Tomislav Mihajlović - Nordeus
“The highs and lows of soft-launching a game”
Why can’t you trust Canada? With the experience of soft-launching and globally launching a game, we learned a lot about the processes, from key metrics to the type of UA that works, but also what countries may or may not tell you about global markets. I will look to showcase our learnings, with a specific focus on how we soft-launched, killed, revived and globally launched a game, all based on our findings.

13:00 Predrag Šuka - Algebra
"Move the Mountains within you"
I believe that we should create new outcomes one moment at a time. With those moments, we will transform and grow, change and expand. It will enable us to learn about our strengths we never knew about. It will guide us to a simpler version of our everyday approach since everything is simple and everything is complex. It is entirely up to us which reality we perceive. All you need to do is train for identity every second and become you true self. Train with me.

14:00 Ivan Miličević - Elite Fit
"How to optimally use your brain and mind"
My desire is to inspire, explain and define in a simple way that training does not exist. Exclusively there is life and concern for the same. If we don't take care of individual segments in a minimal and sustainable way, we aren't going to be able to develop in the segments in which we are dominant.

15:00 Menghuan Unver - Taledo
“Senior management hiring trends in the tech industry”

16:00 Damir Đurović
“Rebooting the gaming industry”
Damir will be talking about the beginning and rise to stardom of world wide phenomenon called Reboot.

17:00 Panel rasprava - "Future of regional Gaming and Esports"
Đurović, Kondić, Mihajlović

Uz samu konferenciju, očekuje vas i Good Game Zagreb 2019. - jedinstveni B2B gaming event s mnoštvom sadržaja u velikoj EXPO zoni i neizvjesnim turnirima!

Pridružite nam se od 10.-11.05.2019. u Muzeju za suvremenu umjetnost!

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