Get in the Ring Zagreb

Get in the Ring Zagreb

HUB385, Zagreb

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Prijava odn. registracija za Get in the Ring Zagreb, 11.04.2017. u HUB385, Zagreb

On 11th April Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator and HUB385 are bringing the most epic spectacle to you. One ring, numerous startups, and endless possibilities.

Get In The Ring is a startup pitching contest where you have nothing to lose - everyone gets equal exposure and a chance to go to GITR Global Conference in Singapore FOR FREE and pitch among the world’s best startups.

Even if your team isn’t one of those who will be going to Singapore, we will have investors, mentors and potential customers in Zagreb, too, so get your pitch ready and your boxing gloves on!

Will you dare to Get In The Ring?

Maybe you don’t have a startup? Or you’re more about learning and listening about entrepreneurship? Don’t worry, we’ll have something for you also.

Panel: "How much work is required for success over night?"

Guests on panel are: Matija Žulj (CEO Agrivi), Domagoj Oreb (South Central Ventures), Damir Sabol (founder Photomath/Microblink), Igor Strejček (Head of Direct Channels Division) and moderator of panel is entrepreneuer and investor Saša Cvetojević.

You can watch and rate startup competition.

First day 10.4.:
10 - 13h - work with teams, mentorship and training

Second day 11.04.:
16:00 Opening word
16:15 - Panel
17:00 - 17:15 - Coffee Break
17:15 - 19:00 Competition
19:15 - And the winner is...

Awards for this competition are: 

  • Trip to the Singapore to the global finals
  • Audience award (who will have better audience) - 2000 kn

Get In The Ring Zagreb is organised in partnership with HUB385 and Zagreb Entepreneurship Incubator - ZIP, the two leading organisations supporting startups in Croatia.