FuckUp Nights #3

FuckUp Nights #3

location-iconImpact HUB Zagreb, Vlaška 70E Zagreb, Zagreb

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Prijava odnosno registracija za FuckUp Nights #3 , 11.06.2015. u Impact HUB Zagreb, Vlaška 70E Zagreb, Zagreb


11.06.2015, 19:30 hrs  at the brand new spaces of Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaška 70E

What the fuck?

Fuckup Nights is a global movement that aims to accelerate the learning process while reaching people closer to actual cases of business failure. Since its inception in Mexico City, in each FuckUp Night three entrepreneurs present their failures using 10 images and 7 minutes. Since September 2012, hundreds of fuckupreneurs have told their stories of failure to thousands of attendees in more than 10 countries.

This is possible thanks to our fellow fuckupers from Mexico City, Mumbai, San Sebastian,

Medellin, San Francisco, Paris, Melbourne, Stockholm, Culiacán, Monterrey, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, and many more.

Impact Hub Zagreb is adding Zagreb to the list and our first fuckupreneurs to speak are:

Lucijan Blagonić,-
is a web Designer, alwasy willing to experiment with new technology and try different approaches for solving problems. He has more than 10 years experience in creating website and various interface designs using standard tools such as Photoshop and Sketch, but most of his time he spend in the browser where can quickly test different styles combining CSS and HTML. Recently, the main area of interest is to improve the user experience and optimization of processes in order to facilitate the use of the site.

Emanule Blagonić,-
During 12 years of professional design, Emanuel worked on more than 500 projects for clients in the Croatian and the world. His path led him from the design Web site, through design applications to specialization in the design of the touch screen interface. He has worked with small and large customers, startups, and the global projects - helpdesk software for the telecom industry, a touch-screen cash register, touch screen and ERP solutions for the hotel and food industry and many others. One of the pioneers of web standards in Croatia, and has been active in the community where he is glad to share knowledge and experience, either through lectures or training. For himself, he often says that he is not a designer but a "problem solver" because it always looks the bigger picture and do not offer a solution, but results.

Lucijan i Emanul will talk about: Two brothers who decide to start bussines together, they launched agancy caled Balgonić Brothers in 2010.  After two years of successful independent work they started with employment. The  plan was to increase revenues, so thay could one day devote to their own product.Two years later they bite (too) big bite - they wanted to break into foreign markets and further improve the quality, but they failed. This presentation will talk about the whole process of the common origins, through the decisions that they have learned to be cautious. Where they made a mistake and it would have made differently today?

Željko Švedić
,- is an entrepreneur, small company owner and blogger from Zagreb, Croatia. His company sells software products internationally via two websites: www.GemBoxSoftware.com and www.TestDome.com. He lived in New York, San Francisco, Thailand, and currently living in Oxford, UK. He writes about his thoughts, travels, successful and failed projects on his blog Svedic.org.

He will talk about: History, experiences and lessons learned from Zagreb Coliving/Cohousing project: ZgCohousing.com

Pedja Puselja,- Woul like to say for himslef: “
Organised, systematic and 100% digital native, I live and breathe IT trends and technologies. I've big experience in global projects with superior attention to detail, organizational skills and a positive, energetic attitude. Quick learner, hard-working, ambitious person, motivated by goal achievements, having a multi-perspective approach towards a situation.”

He is specialist for:Online marketing strategy, brand management, product development, new media, community management, social network management, corporate blogging, community building, leadership, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO.

He will talk about: A modern problem, what to whear if you are guy and having smarthphone with you (and you are not fan of man purse). Pedja have soulution-WTF YEANS. Are thay posible, what whappend, why that great idea went wrong-Pedja will tell us.


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