FLEAP out with Vanillaz, Kosta Radman & Joe2Shine

FLEAP out with Vanillaz, Kosta Radman & Joe2Shine

Zagrebački velesajam, Zagreb

O događaju

Line up: Vanillaz, Kosta Radman [Official], Joe2Shine

Book your tables at fleapreservations@gmail.com
Bottle prices:
Jägermeister 0.7L + Coca Cola 1L - 400 HRK
Vodka Finlandia 0.7L + Juice 1L or Schweppes 1.5L - 400 HRK
Jack Daniel's 0.7L + Coca Cola 1L - 450 HRK
Hendrick's Gin 0.7L + Schweppes Tonic 1.5L - 550 HRK

Do you know this famous quote: “When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”?

Well, the LEAP version of this quote is: "When life gives you thousands of amazing people from all over the world, make the E-P-I-C party and have fun!"

FLEAP out will gather thousands of LEAPers from all over the world - the common description for young, smart, brave, ambitious, sexy and fun person. So if this describes you, than you are invited! Yes, you!

Thousands of people. 30+ countries. 3 DJs. One party. Countless fun and energy.