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Preuzmi karte odnosno ulaznice za EADRIATIC LEAGUE - QUALIFICATIONS CRNA GORA/PODGORICA, 30.09.2023. - 01.10.2023. u GAMING HUB REDBULL, Podgorica

Welcome to the eAdriatic League (EAL) – where regional talent meets the global stage!

Our mission is to unite the esports communities of 8 diverse countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, and Albania, through the thrilling world of FIFA23.

EAL hosts quarterly showdowns, pitting the top players from each nation against each other in an electrifying display of skill and passion.

The first step of this journey begins in your own country, with nationwide qualifiers. With a prize pool of €10,000 for each final, the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce.

Whether you're a player or a fan, EAL promises a breathtaking esports experience, with live events that bring the excitement to life.

Join us on this incredible esports journey, where borders blur, and the game unites us all.

Check out our WEB, FB & IG page.

EAL is not just a league - it's a celebration of talent and sportsmanship. Are you ready to write your name in esports history? Let's kick off the action together!

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