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Prijava odnosno registracija za DSC Adria 23, 16.05.2023. - 18.05.2023. u Mozaik Event Centar - Hob Zagreb - Slavonska avenija 6/2 Zag, Zagreb

Data Science Conference Adria 2023 is an exclusive event dedicated to the impact of a Data-Driven Society. 

DSC Adria conference in Zagreb, Croatia is a highly anticipated event for anyone interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and the business world, with a theme of Data-Driven Society. Over the course of three exciting days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from more than 100 expert speakers on a wide range of topics related to Data & AI and its impact on business and society. 'With over 1000 attendees expected, it's sure to be an event not to be a must-see event
In addition to a fantastic lineup of speakers, the conference will also feature a variety of networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss the latest developments in the field of Data & AI.

Tarry Singh Danko Nikolic 

                     Tarry Singh                                                      Danko Nikolic

Lars Rinnan Chan Nasseb

                      Lars Rinnan                                                  Chan Nasseb

Whether you're an expert looking to share your knowledge or a business professional looking to learn more about the role of Data & AI in your industry, this conference is not to be missed. You may find our previous speakers at the following link: https://dscadria.com/speakers/. Tickets are available until the 9th of May.

Join us live for names such as Lars Rinnan, Tarry Singh, Danko Nikolic, Chan Nasseb, Emmauel R.Goffi, Jose Maria Cavanillas, Iliada Evangelia Kothra, and Mihajlo Popesku, and Mihailo Joksimovic 

We cover popular topics related to the influence of Data Science & AI in daily life:  NLP & Text Analytics, Augmented Analytics, AI & Data Product Development, AI & Data Strategy, Graph Neural Networks, Ethical AI & Open Data, Transformers & Stable Diffusion, Data Science in Production, Innovation with Data, MLOps, Big Data & Data Engineering, ML in FinTech and Transforming Healthcare with AI.

16th of May ONLINE

17th-18th of May LIVE in Zagreb 

19th of May LIVE in Rijeka 

Our motto is Change the World Through Data! Change the world together with us :)

THe Schedule is LIVE - Take a look at our website https://dscadria.com/schedule

You may send an enquiry for the tickets to [email protected].

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