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The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.
So, it is natural to ask how can you grow the value of your dental business even during challenging times?

In order to help you answer this question, we have gathered the group of leading dental professionals who “have been there and have done that”.
Your Mentors, should you choose to accept this invitation to join us, will be dr. Cyril Gaillard, dr. Quoc An Nguyen and dr. Florin Cofar - just to name a few.
Originally planned as a 3-day intense live training, “D Business Mastery” had to be delayed in 2020., due to lockdown and COVID restrictions.
However, we decided that we will not accept another delay - so the event “Road to Zagreb” was born!

On the 15th of May 2021. we will organise the first in the series of hybrid “Road to Zagreb” events, that will add massive value to the original “D Business Master” 3-day live format.
Together with our international speakers we will deliver four amazing lectures, which you can attend live in the hotel Hilton Garden Inn in Zagreb or you can participate on-line using a professional streaming platform from our partner Entrio. 

We will continue to organise “Road to Zagreb” events, until it will be safe to travel to Zagreb and finally attend the training in the same room with the speakers and participants. 
Our plan is to do it by the end of 2021., when life should get back to new normal.
So, get your free ticket for the first “Road to Zagreb” event and see you soon!

D Business Mastery team 



“I have started my own practice, but I am struggling with income from month to month …”
“If I don’t show up in my dental office every day and put in long hours, my number of treatments and income is decreasing …”
“I feel tired and overworked … I have no time to enjoy the results of my success. I find it hard to have satisfaction in anything …”
“I tried to work less, but patients are always asking for me. It’s hard for me to delegate work to my employees …”


These are only few of the most frequent statements dentists make, when they face the consequences of their poorly managed dental office.
It is not related only to small dental practices. Same goes for big dental clinics as well - problems from a poorly managed business only grow with it’s size.
And these are only the symptoms, not the cause of the problem. The real problem lies in the fact that less the 1% of dentists have been properly trained in business skills. 
Clinical skills are vital, but they are not sufficient to succeed in today’s competitive world.
So what is the best way to get the business skills and tools for a dentists who wants to increase the value of their business, even during the time of crisis?

“For things to get better, you have to get better first.”
What does it mean? For your business to get better, you have to get better at business skills first.


Business is an intellectual sport and every sport has it’s language and rules.
Language of business is accounting. You need to learn basic accounting which includes reading 3 most important financial reports. You need to be in the position to ask your accountant the right questions.

Basic rule of business is how to transform assets (people, time and dental chairs) and into sales, sales into profits and profits into cash. 
Cash is king - your business can survive without profits for years, but without cash your business will close in one week.
To make all this happen your biggest leverage is your team. Bad culture and unprofessional employees will turn even the best dental practice and opportunity into a nightmare for the owner.


The most expensive way to learn is by trial and error, on your own mistakes. The best way is to model and learn from the people that have already made it in the dental business.

That’s why your teachers and mentors at our “D Business Mastery” education program, will be dentists who are owners of successful dental clinics and labs - dr. Cyril Gaillard (GAD center), dr. Quoc An Nguyen (Ardent) and dr. Florin Cofar (Dentcof).
In this way we are able to provide all the participants with the first hand knowledge on skills and tools that these people have used to grow their dental business.

Join us at “D Business Mastery”, one of a kind 3-day business training for dental professionals, which will take place by the end of 2021. at Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.


One of the major outcomes from this training is your new Business plan for 2022. But it is not just about the plan, as it is about the process of planning that will enable you to modify your original plan when needed.
We are living during the crisis on a global scale. It was never more important to take care of your business and make it sustainable under all circumstances.

See you in Zagreb!

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