BeatPoint Summer Clossing Boat Party

[ODPOVEDANO] BeatPoint Summer Clossing Boat Party

Punat, centar, Punat


Vračilo za vstopnice, kupljene prek, bo samodejno opravljeno najpozneje en mesec po načrtovanem začetku dogodka. Za vstopnice, kupljene na prodajnem mestu, je treba zahtevek za vračilo vložiti na spletni strani, najpozneje en mesec po načrtovanem začetku prireditve.
Upoštevaj, da vračilo za vstopnice, kupljene na prodajnem mestu, ni več mogoče pridobiti na prodajnem mestu!

O dogodku




BeatPoint Summer Clossing Boat Party


Polazak iz Punta u 17h. Ukrcavanje od 16:30h. Brod "Starfish Party Boat".

Plovidba do uvale gdje stajemo na kupanje te nastavljamo plovidbu do ponoći.

BROJ MJESTA JE OGRANIČEN, te molimo da ulaznice rezervirate na vrijeme.


ANDREA LJEKAJ (Get Physical)


Andrea Ljekaj is a multi award winning producer and international DJ who started his musical journey over ten years ago and has been active ever since with various projects. Weird, euphoric, and powerful trademark sound sure gained this Croatian artist worldwide recognition and he will be the first one to say he loves music production and designing sounds, but his passion for performing cannot be questioned with an international career that has seen him playing all the way from London to Dubai.

The past few years Andrea released for labels such as Get Physical, Oddity, Elrow and Endangered, and have done remixes for artists like Josipa Lisac, Insolate and Brian Cid. In 2019 he started a project „Croatia Gets Physical“ with Get Physical Music from Berlin, where they focus on Croatian artists and promoting their music thru releases and events. At the moment, Andrea is working on his first solo album and looking forward to the upcoming releases on Get Physical Music, and many other well-known record labels.



From 17:00 – 24:00

Boarding from 16:30

Suported by: BeatPoint Festival, Udruga Fenix.


COVID-19 varnostni ukrepi


Dezinfekcijska sredstva so na voljo na vhodu in znotraj prizorišča

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