The Art of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

The Art of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Impact HUB Zagreb, Vlaška 70E Zagreb, Zagreb

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Would you like to be more present and engaged in your daily life, fully enjoying good moments and coping better with challenging times?
Would you like to be more focused and productive, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
If your answer is yes, this is a workshop for you!

As a participant of this workshop, you will
• Explore and experiment with diverse styles of meditation and mindfulness, to give you new ideas on how to be more mindful in your life
• Learn several relaxation techniques and improve coping with everyday stress
• Reconnect with yourself and tap into the stillness within yourself
• Be reminded how to practice kindness towards yourself
• Bring more enjoyment to your everyday moments
• Reflect and discover which of these techniques works best for you
• Reflect on how to build a habit of mindfulness in your everyday life

This workshop is based on trainers experience with MBSR - Mindfulness-based stress reduction 8-week long scientific course on mindfulness course, experience of Vipassana - 10 days silent meditation famous worldwide, mindful eating courses and many more mindfulness experiences, knowledge, exercises and practices. 

Join “The art of mindfulness in everyday life” course and bring in more mindfulness, more flavour to your life, and deeper connections with people around you.

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Vrijeme održavanja: 17:30 - 21:00 h