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Join the 1st ever Startup Drill for Women Founders!

Brought to you by Aurora.hr and Lean Startup Croatia.

ABOUT THE EVENT What can you expect.

Men starting and running new businesses is growing globally and it is more clear than ever that women’s entrepreneurship is a huge source of economic and social development?

Inspired by so many dedicated and passionate women participating in the previous editions of Startup Drill as well as by the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit #GES2017 held in India themed “Women first, prosperity for all”, we have decided to run a unique and first ever edition for women led business ideas, at the same time honoring International Women’s Day!

Event is opened to everyone! Women will be on the spotlight this time though – they will be the ones pitching while we invite all the men searching for learning, networking and inspiration to join in their teams and make some awesome entrepreneurial noise!

ABOUT THE STARTUP DRILL Lean startup educational program.
Startup Drill is an intensive training where you will learn to apply Lean Startup tools in a structured way.

During Startup Drill, you will learn how to save resources spent on building products nobody wants, and focus on building something people want. And have fun on the way!

It is helpful for all of you who:

know that there is a problem which needs a solution, but don’t know where to start;
are afraid to start or already started but failed, and;
for those who don’t have the idea at the moment, but are curious and enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.
You might have heard about Lean Startup methodology based on the Build-Measure-Learn principle, well known from the Lean Startup initiated by Eric Ries? Do you know how to apply it? Why problem hypotheses are important and how to correctly define them? Do you know who are your early adopters, why they matter and how to find them? Have you heard about the customer development methodology? Do you know how to manage a customer development process? What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative customer experiments and how do you measure their success? How can you tell the difference between correct and incorrect customer interviews and why does that matter? Is the product you have been developing for the last 6 months an MVP? Would it be better to use the Concierge or The Wizard of Oz method?

After 24 hours of Lean Startup Drill, you will master all of the above skills and feel ready to apply it to every future idea, project or startup!

The main value every participant has to get is to learn how to test ideas and how to fit their product into customers’ expectations so one can reach product/market fit as an ultimate goal.

STARTUP DRILL PRINCIPLES Validation loop as the base of the program.
Startup Drill methodology, based on Lean Startup principles, pushes you to gather more insights on customers and their problems, needs and wishes using well prepared offline and online experiments executed in a tight timeframe within a team. You are encouraged to experiment until you reach a status of problem/solution fit; in other words, when customers validate your problem solution as a product they will actually pay for.

Teams are formed around the problem pitches. You have an option to pitch a problem you would like to solve for the customers and become a startup founder or you can pick another team based on your preferences.


Startup Drill Mentors are experienced Lean Startup practitioners; they have founded, managed and mentored startups. They have experienced all the obstacles you will confront and are here so you can overcome it faster. Mentors will guide you through the process and help to implement the methodology on your problem/solution quest.


Startup Drill is not just an event, it is the full experience and learning method! You will experience another level of entrepreneurial education modeled after the U.S. Marine Corps.

Learnapplyget feedbackcorrect mistakes and apply again. That’s how winners are created!

To join Startup Drill you don’t need any previous knowledge, as we will make sure to give you all the basics upfront so you can catch up with your team from minute one.

After you register for the Startup Drill event you will receive credentials to access the edu.startupdrillspecial e-learning platform. After short readings, you will pass the test and you are ready to attend the event to get the most out of it.