Goulash Disko Festival 2020

Goulash Disko Festival 2020

Martinska, Šibenik

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☀️☀️☀️ GOULASH DISKO FESTIVAL 2020 ☀️☀️☀️
   ☀️☀️ 9-13 SEPTEMBER 2020 // SIBENIK ☀️☀️


This is 2020, and it is by no means a regular year. We have worked hard to make our traditional family reunion possible, taking into account all extra regulations and safety measures, as well as wishes and concerns from the local authorities...so Goulash 2020 is on, but there is a little plot twist!

- Goulash Disko Festival will move to Martinska, in Sibenik (close to Split), at the same dates : from 9th to 13th september 2020. Martinska is a beautiful venue on the seaside, with a 1000 people capacity. There will be 3 stages, a big camping area in a pine forest, live bands, workshops, lightshow, the Taka Tuka crew, the Saso Mange sound, circus collectives, and hammocks all around. Well, the whole Goulash Disko package!
- At the same time, we will be holding a much smaller gathering, Goulash Fešta, at the original location in Komiza, Vis island. There will be NO CAMPING, no solar stage, no workshops. Instead, 4 nights of parties on Kamenice beach, with a 500 people capacity, only one stage, and a lineup built by yours truly. As CAMPING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on the island, this event will be only allowed for people who booked their accommodation, and for the local citizens. All the people who have a camping ticket for Goulash festival are therefore by default going to the Sibenik festival site.
- The festival wristband will work on both locations, and we are currently trying to arrange a party boat transfer from Komiza to Sibenik.

Expect a legendary 5 days party, with a highly eclectic lineup, featuring all kinds of music from the Global Underground: Tropical grooves, Organica, Gypsy Punk, African Disco, Downtempo, Tribal Techno, Latintronics, Oriental House,... and everything in between.