SISA (afro house) presents Leo Guardo & Urban Pfeifer @ Peti Kupe

SISA (afro house) presents Leo Guardo & Urban Pfeifer @ Peti Kupe

location-iconPeti kupe, Zagreb

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Buy tickets for SISA (afro house) presents Leo Guardo & Urban Pfeifer @ Peti Kupe, 17.02.2023. - 18.02.2023. in Peti kupe, Zagreb

SISA / afro house / 17.2.2023 / Peti kupe
You all know Berlin, Detroit, London and Chicago, but in recent years, the cradle of
electronic dance culture has also been joined by South Africa, the superpower of
Afro-house, on the global map of fresh sound.
Afro-house is a mixture of house from the west with African musical samples, and it
resonates like kwaito (which is also fed in the old-school sound of Frankie Knuckles),
tribal, deep and soulful house, with characteristic African admixtures. Africa is, after
all, the cradle of humanity and music, where practically all modern music genres are
fed directly and indirectly, and the African musical identity resonates most in the
sounds of percussion, dance rhythms and characteristic vocals. The flagship of the
new afro-house is Black Coffee, one of the new kings of Ibiza, and masters such as
Clue De Song, Black Motion, Shimza, Enoo Napa, Hyenah, MoBlack etc.
SISA is a series of Afro-house parties that borrows its name from the word "sisu" or
exceptional. Originally started in cult club K4 Ljubljana and after 2 years of parties
with artists such are Moblack, Hyenah is now moving to Peti Kupe.
First SISA night will host Leo Guardo italian born DJ form Australia. His unique style
as DJ and a producer makes him signed to many prestigious imprints including
Moblack, Sondela (Defected), Wired itd. His music is played by biggest names in
industry Black Coffe, Keinemusic, Enoo Napa etc.
Night will open SISA’s resident Urban Pfeifer already known to Croatian crowd from
this year’s Sonus festival where he was warming a crowd for Black Coffee gig in
Join us as we celebrate the rich culture and music of Africa, featuring some of the
best DJs and performers in the industry.
Dance the night away to the infectious beats of this unique and exciting genre, which
blends traditional African rhythms with modern electronic music. From the hypnotic
drums of the percussions to the soulful melodies of the vocals, this event promises to
be a night to remember.

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