ACCOMMODATION - European Road Conference 2018

ACCOMMODATION - European Road Conference 2018

Hotel Valamar Lacroma, Dubrovnik

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Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility

South East Europe is at an important crossroads in the development of
its connectivity programs, securing a critical role as a gateway for
international trade routes between East and West. Due to its privileged
geographical position, Croatia has been at the forefront of this process,
through regional cooperation initiatives such as the Adriatic-Ionian
motorway corridor.

At a time of growing motorization, the region's network of roads and
highways is currently its largest public asset. However, significant
challenges remain to enhance the safety, efficiency, environmental
sustainability and resilience of the road network, underscoring the value
of regional and programmatic cooperation around highway &
sustainable mobility initiatives

Organized by key representative organizations of the roads & mobility
sector, the European Road Congress “Corridors for Shared Prosperity”
offers an essential platform to deepen the understanding of these
challenges, widen the engagement framework with regional road
stakeholders, and achieve consensus on key policy, investment and
planning measures.

Why Participate?
- Stay abreast of best practices and new technologies in key mobility disciplines.
- Join key stakeholders from the region as they present upcoming highway and transportation infrastructure programs.
- Benefit from access to road agency heads and local government leaders responsible for significant infrastructure investment projects.
- Enjoy the unique appeal of a historic city through a varied program of cultural and technical visits.

Target Audience
- Political Leaders with Transport Portfolios
- Highway Agency Staff
- Design Consultants & Engineers
- Construction Contractors, Engineers & Managers
- Materials Laboratory Engineers
- Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors
- Transport Research Institutes
- University Researchers and Professors
- Engineering Services Professionals
- Traffic Technology and ITS Consultants,

Congress Themes

1. Transport & Mobility
a. Transport Corridors & their Socio-Economic Impacts
b. Funding Transport Infrastructure
c. Transport Asset Management & Investment Programs

2. Road Engineering
a. Advances in Pavements & Materials
b. Sustainable & Resilient Road Infrastructure
c. Innovations in Roads, Bridges & Tunnel Design

3. Safe Mobility
a. Safety Policies & Programs
b. Road Injury Risk Diagnosis Tools
c. Road Traffic Control, Signing & Markings
d. Advances in Passive Safety